Slot machine strategies

The slot machine games are one of the simplest games out there that will be played. There is no thinking or strategizing necessary. All you really need to do to play a slot machine is find the machine, sit down and pull that lever.

Despite the belief that a slot machine is a simple game for kids, in fact it brings the most money for the casinos . Slot machines are the silent killers of casino players. That is why a slot machine should not be taken for granted.

If one takes a slot machine for granted, does that mean it needs to strategize to win against a slot machine? Personally, I can not think of a strategy to play a slot machine. All I know is that I should pull the lever of the slot machine.

There can be no strategy when playing with a slot machine, but there are tips to improve the chances of the person to win.

But first, here are some facts about a slot machine that everyone needs to know to be successful.

Is a slot machine the casino game with the worst odds? This is correct and incorrect. If you play a perfect game of blackjack this statement is correct. In fact, making bad bets in a blackjack game gives the player worse odds than playing a slot machine.

Here is the 2nd fact that needs to be corrected. When a slot machine just paid out a large amount, it will not pay again until a decade goes by. This statement is totally false. Each spin is random and the possibility of multiple jackpots can happen in a single day.

This statement was proven wrong during double major doubles in 2003. One player won the $ 1.6 million jackpot and after a week another player won $ 400 thousand.

When playing a slot machine you should consider the number of coins needed to play and the payout percentage.

If you are playing the progressive slots always play with the maximum amount of coins. This is because you are playing for the jackpot. It could be won only by playing the maximum number of coins.

If you are playing a basic slot machine with a fixed jackpot, you should consider the disbursement table. The value of the jackpot is multiplied by the number of coins. For example, the disbursement for 1 coin is $ 200, 2 coins $ 600 for coins $ 400 and 3.

The next thing to be considered is the percentage of the disbursement. The value is a percentage that generally generally averages around 94-98.5%. For example, the percentage of the disbursement is 97%. Every $ 100 wagered on that machine, the machine pays out $ 97 on average. The rest will go to the casino folder.

The bottom line is, to maximize your chances of winning on a slot machine, look at the payout percentage.

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