Useful words in Roulette

You might get surprised with how rich the roulette language is. Actually, the terms of the roulette starting with the letter C are numerous already, what else with other letters? To illustrate further, take a look at the following terms of the roulette and its definition:

Choppy game – this happens when the casino or roulette player wins more frequently than the other. This is a fun game because it is exciting to see which of the two gets to win more in the end. The roulette player usually wants to play more in a choppy game rather than playing when the house is winning a lot.

Color up – this is the act of replacing your smaller chips with the larger ones. It’s like trying to replace your change for an account. Roulette players do this to minimize the clutter in their stacks and have fewer but larger chips in terms of quantity. Cold Table – A cold table of roulette is a table on which the house earns much more than any of the players on the table.

Collone bet – if you want to surprise your colleagues with your knowledge of roulette, then use the collone bet if you mean column betting. It’s how you say the column posted in French.

Column Bet – This happens when a roulette player bets on a column found in the setup. It is also known as Colonne. Betting combination – this occurs when the roulette player bets more than one chip to different numbers on the table.

Comp – these are the free items given to casino players to bet. Generally, different comps of different bets merit. A roulette player will get more comps in the exchange of the money he places in the casino.

Line of Credit – Sometimes, although a roulette player does not have enough cash to play, the casino still allows him to continue using his line of credit. The line of credit is the credit allowed by the casino to the player.

Team – this is the employee who is in charge of certain games within the casino. For example, in roulette, the distributor is the team. He is in charge of facilitating the game and laughing, exciting and fair.

Crossroader – This is another term for a person who cheats in casino games like poker, blackjack or roulette.

Croupier – this classy term is French in origin, and is used to denote the team in charge of who is roulette. This is know more popular as the distributor.

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