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The original keno is really just a version of bingo, in recent years it has been supplanted thoroughly by “racehorse keno,” a game descended from the Chinese lottery and introduced to western America by the eastern railroad workers in the 19th. century.

Like bingo, keno is a low-investment, low-return game. Winnings is scarce. The house grabs an edge of 18 to 25 percent. For obvious reasons, keno is popular among casino owners , yet many players love it too, usually for the same reasons that they like bingo, but also because it offers the chance to win a grand prize of $ 25,000 that is offered at Interesting odds of 9 million to 1.

To play keno, a keno player must buy his card directly from the counter in front of the room. This card lists the numbers 1 to 80. Players mark one to fifteen of the numbers, write in the amount of their wager, give them in the bets, receive a receipt from the window, and then await the result of the drawing that It is done by plucking twenty of eight numbered table-tennis balls from a large, transparent bowl called the “goose”. On the electronic keno board, if enough of the numbers marked on a player’s card agree with those chosen from the goose that the player will collect depending on the type of bet he has riding and the number of winning numbers he has chosen .

For example, at the “one-point mark” the player bets a single number, 1 to 80. If the number is chosen during the drawing he wins. Twenty attempts to make a number sound favorably enough. But remember, he is not twenty numbers but eighty. This makes it a 3 to 1 deal, twenty proof of eighty possibilities, with the payoff only 2.2 to 1. The ticket actually pays $ 3.20 for $ 1.00 investment, but remember that the house keeps the player $ 1.00 if he wins or loses. That is the rub. Similarly, at a “two-point mark” the player bets on two numbers, and if he wins he gets a properly increased one-point ticket payoff. Point tickets go up to 15 and big jackpots come when the bettor correctly chooses from ten to fifteen points at $ 2.50 ticket. Countless other types of bets are also made on the keno. But they are just variations on the basic method, which ultimately boils down to a number game.

In Las Vegas, keno is thought to be something of an interruption, a chance to rest and fragment away a few dollars between gladiatorial bouts at the heaviest amusements. In fact, the keno saloon, or thereabouts of the area, is often filled with such soft chairs, such accessible bars, and so many attractive female runners available to do all the betting work, which is usually the most comfortable , if not the most profitable, place in the entire casino.

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