Japan Tokyo could be ruled out of casino projects

For some time now, Japan has been considering legalizing the exploitation of casinos as hard. The objective is to open these establishments offering casino games before the 2020 Olympic Games in order to take advantage of the mass arrival of tourists. Thus, Japan plans to install 2 to 3 casinos in different places, including one in Tokyo. As far as the capital is concerned, according to the latest news, Tokyo may be left out of casino projects, as it is very likely that the construction time will be a little fair and that construction will generate a huge investment. A news that will undoubtedly disappoint the American billionaire Sheldon Adelson, if the situation is confirmed.

The real estate developer and owner of several casinos whose Las Vegas Sands indeed privileged this place for the installation of his future casino and even affirmed that he was ready to invest up to 10 million dollars to carry out his project. Apart from the Japanese capital, various places have also been studied by many casinotiers such as Oka├»do or Osaka. The latter, for example, seduces one of the world’s largest gaming companies, namely Caesars Entertenment.

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